Sunday, December 03, 2006

Emma's Dress Rehearsal

Emma practicing her part for the Children's Christmas Program next week at church. Her group will sing two songs: "Christmas is Coming" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain". She gets to play a Boomwacker to "Go Tell it On the Mountain".
She was very cute!!

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving prepartation started the day before with these wonderful turkeys. Luke and Noel helped Emma decorate.

Then, Thankgiving morning, Makeesha and I went for a little run.
Here are our results:

1 0 K
  P L A C E
 ALL SEX DIV DIVISN AGE     TIME  PACE   NO. NAME                     FROM
 --- --- --- ------ --- -------- ----- ----- ------------------------ ------------------
 248  75  10 F30-34  32    55:38  8:58   470 STACHOFSKY MAKEESHA      WI RACINE          
 249 174  17 M30-34  33    55:39  8:58   469 STACHOFSKY JOE           WI RACINE 

The day was beautiful for a run. Sunshine and very little wind. We ran by the lake for most of it. It was a lot of fun.

After the race we went to the Deburgh's for the big lunch.
Lunch was great, everthing came together as planned. Kate loved the juice. After lunch we let our food digest for about an hour and then it was off to the park for football. Hey, I got to play in a "turkey bowl" again!! After a little football, a group split off and played soccer, which Makeesha totally enjoyed. After this, we went back to the Deburgh's for desert.
It was a great day!!